Rachel's Journey

Rachel registered with the Employability and Skills Service (E&SS) in May 2018 and since then has been making positive steps towards her personal development. When Rachel first came to the service, she had low confidence and self-esteem and suffered from anxiety and depression.

“I was terrified and felt out of my comfort zone when I first attended appointments. I was so cut off from the community and from normal life that I was having a hard time coping with changes.”

Rachel lacked up to date qualifications and work experience and she felt her health was the primary barrier in her hunt for employment.

One of the first barriers to address was Rachel’s psychological needs. We referred Rachel to the Increased Access 2 Psychological Support (IA2PS), which provides a structured approach to managing mental health. IA2PS has been fundamental in Rachel’s recovery, it has provided her with the tools to overcome her anxiety and develop coping methods. This has allowed her to undertake courses and training, and also become an active part of the community.

“IA2PS is something everyone should experience. It has helped me to recognise symptoms and manage my condition. I have made new friends and am now coping with change effectively.”

Rachel also needed advice and support regarding her financial situation so I made a referral to the services’ financial support provision. Although there were no changes to the benefits that Rachel was receiving, she gained valuable advice that has had a positive impact on her financial circumstances.

Since starting with E&SS Rachel has undertaken a variety of training and courses to develop her skills and gain qualifications:

  • First Aid at Work

  • Heart Start Training

  • Resilience Training (C.E.I.S)

  • Art Classes

  • IA2PS 10 Week Course

  • European Computer Driving Licence Qualification

  • Beginners and Intermediate Essay Writing

  • Interview Skills

Rachel is planning to undertake her Higher English or a Hospitality Course this year; she is just waiting for confirmation.

When Rachel first started receiving support, she was volunteering at the Dumfries and Galloway Hard of Hearing Organisation as admin support. Since then she has taken up another two volunteering roles, one as a shop assistant at the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue charity shop and the other as an Admin Assistant at the Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service.

“Volunteering has had a positive effect on my CV and has developed my confidence. By expanding my volunteering experience this has allowed me to apply for different types of jobs.”

Rachel is still on her journey to employment though she has gained valuable experience, skills and confidence since working with E&SS. She has been successful in securing job interviews recently. This has helped her increase her confidence in stressful situations and has provided her with the necessary skills to gain employment in the near future.