Dumfries and Galloway provides a wide range of employment opportunities  and several different pathways into employment. Employability partners work with a wide range of local businesses to help maximise the number of opportunities available within the region. We are geared towards identifying opportunities in a wide range of sectors, in order to help build-up our economy and invest in the continued development of our local workforce.


Those sectors with identified growth potential and which are in a position to provide more highly paid, skilled employment. Some of these already have a strong presence within the local economy while the opportunities from others are just beginning to emerge. There is an opportunity to grow these sectors and move them further up the value chain:

• Creative Industries (digital business)

• Energy - particularly renewables and their supply chain

• Forest and timber technologies


This relates to sectors which, while still valuable, provide lower levels of productivity and are often seasonal. Whilst currently providing lower value economic growth opportunities, these sectors are of particular economic importance to our rural and coastal areas. The performance of these sectors ensures a level of resilience in the local economy, and may provide opportunities for added value and innovation given the right support:

• Agriculture

• Creative Industries (cultural business)

• Food and drink

• Health and social care

• Tourism/leisure/hospitality

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