Work Experience - Animals, land and environment

Reference: Ani632
Opportunity Type: Full Time
Duties: Working clothes
Essential Requirements: The placement for this opportunity will learn about all aspects of the River Cree Hatchery and Habitat Trust. The Trust is responsible for ensuring that the River Cree thrives as a salmon river in the South West of Scotland by ensuring a thriving habitat for the fish and supporting nature in the breeding of young fish to supplement the natural stocks within the river. Placement will be involved in: * clearing banks of overs grown shrubbery; *clearing the river beds of weeds; * catching salmon for removal of eggs; *variety of work within the hatchery; *releasing young fish back into the river. Work will obviously vary with the season and need at the time.
Desirable Requirements: - This opportunity would suit persons who are looking for work experience in general as well as those who are considering entering further or higher education to study a related environmental subject. The Provider can take placements with additional support needs. Please contact him direct to discuss.Appropriate instruction/training will be given by a competent person. Full induction to be undertaken. Instructed on manual handling procedures. Personal Protective equipment will be worn at all times. Placements will be working on or in the shallows of the river. If so then flotation devices will be supplied.Manual Handling. Slips, Trips and Falls. Tools/Work Equipment.Agriculture, Animals & Environment
Additional Information: VariableBring packed lunch.
Closing Date: 31 August 2019
Number of Places: 1
Company: The River Cree Hatchery & Habitat Trust

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