Big Bang Kids Science

3rd Feb - The Big Bang Kids Event, @ Wigtown Book Festival Big Bang Weekend - NEW EVENT Drop in – Free, The Print Room behind Number 11 North Main Street, Wigtown'
From 10am -4pm

Have you ever wandered about real constellations and how to find exoplanets? Or what is needed for life? And is there life on another planet?
Look no further! With a series of fun interactive workshops, D&G Science Festival offers an insight into constellations, where you can design and name your own constellations and imagine stories to go with them.
You can even make your very own Telescope- viewing tube to view your constellation creations, or you can use our professional telescope with a special filter to view the sun close up and in detail!
Is there life on other planets? If so what do they look like? Have fun creating different aliens and space slime, with mixing different ingredients to create a slimy or bouncy gloop! You can even take yours home, as long as you promise to look after it!
Have you ever wanted to travel to space? Get a real life insight into what todays astronauts wear on an expedition into space, with our NASA SOKOL Space Suit, a complete replica to legend Tim Peake’s.

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Lynsay Forsyth

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3 February 2018