Employment Programme for Our Looked After Young People

Over the next 3 years the project will support 24 looked after or leaving care young people into employment within the Council for 6 month long placements at the Living Wage. During that time any practical barriers that they face to progression will be able to be addressed through a ‘Barrier Free’ support fund that can be accessed to support their employability goals.

This project recognises the employability journey that that many of our Looked After Young People undertake on their way to paid, sustained employment and gives them the opportunity to undertake real work experience within the Council recognising our role as ‘The Family Firm’. These Work Placements will also be underpinned by an SQA accredited work experience based qualification at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level and will recognise the various stages of progression that the young people are at.

• Young people living in Dumfries & Galloway
• Young people who are looked after young people or leaving care
• Young people should be age 16 – 24 years old
• Young people should be ready and willing to undertake a full-time work experience placement for 6 months
• Young people should be stage 3 or 4 of the strategic skills pipeline

Referral Procedure
• All referrals should be completed using ESS referral form, with subject heading LAYP Programme and should be sent to the ESS referral inbox ESSreferrals@dumgal.gcsx.gov.uk
• All young people should provide a CV, making it clear areas of interest , any additional information in relation to the referral should be entered into the referral form
• Shortlisting will take place in relation to available placements with steering group leads
• Shortlisted candidate will be invited to attend an interview with host department lead
Successful Young People
• Will undertake pre-placement training, action planning and registration for employability award
• Will participate, where possible in group activities, team work and financial/budgeting sessions prior to start date
• Will be supported to address barriers to ensure uptake and sustainment of work experience placement