Lantra Recruiting for the Future

Increasing the number of new entrants into the land and sea sectors has been challenging for some time, even before Brexit and the associated uncertainty began to impact on workforce availability.


To help the sectors we represent increase recruitment, Lantra is organising three regional meetings, the aim of which is both help showcase what is working well within the sectors and share information on some new initiatives designed to support rural recruitment. We be delighted if you were able to join us and join the round-table discussions to give insight into your own experience of entering the industry – your education pathway, any barriers you encountered, changes in career or learning journey….all could really add to the conversation and increase awareness to others attending,


The events are aimed at:

·         Those who want to feed back their own experience of trying to enter the land-based sector as a new entrant

·         Those who struggle to attract the right applicants for vacancies within their rural business

·         Those who would like to know what is most effective in attracting new talent to the land and sea sectors and who want to learn from others working in businesses like theirs

·         Those who want to communicate the great opportunities within the land and sea sectors to young people and career changers

·         Those working in education and want to find out more about careers and opportunities that could be ideal for their students or pupils, or who wish to suggest opportunities for new provision

There will be a regional event held at Dumfries House, Cumnock on the 10th December 2019 – please follow the hyperlink to sign up via Eventbrite, or email to reserve a place.