Michelle's Journey

Remember Michelle from last year?! She now has six months paid employment on the LAYP through DGTAP. We will be documenting her journey over the next six months through a series of diary entries. So watch this space!

"I have come so far and feel extremely proud of myself; from walking into DGTAP in September 2016, feeling nervous, shy and timid to coming into work 25 hours per week  and sitting on reception myself, getting on with my daily duties without having to ask for too much help.

 I feel happy that I am providing a better life for my daughter and myself, which gives me great satisfaction. I want my daughter to be proud of me and to have a good, stable and happy life. I have a very determined and positive attitude and don’t give up easy so I will definitely make the most of this opportunity over the next six months to get as much experience as possible.

 I have come so far over the past six months. I have not only developed and learned new skills but my self-esteem and confidence have improved greatly. It is great coming into the DGTAP office knowing I am doing something useful with my time, developing existing skills and progressing professionally.

 A normal week consists of coming to work for 8.30am, doing my daily tasks and supporting other staff members.  Also as part of the LAYP programme I am working towards achieving an SQA Employability award which will improve my prospects even further.

I aspire to have a happy, stable and content life with my daughter. Also I would like to have an ongoing career in admin or reception roles, building my way up the career ladder with hard work and perseverance. Gaining paid work experience on the LAYP will improve my employability prospects and give me the skills to hopefully find a full time,  permanent position in the future."