Patricia Stewart, Cleaner with GRAHAM Construction

Patricia Stewart, Cleaner with GRAHAM Construction

“DGTAP is a great service! They really helped to build my confidence and to develop and update my CV; previously, I would have struggled to do this myself.”

My role as a site cleaner at St Joseph’s College consists of many different responsibilities. I start my day by cleaning the welfare areas before moving on to the offices and walkways. I am always kept busy, especially in the winter months, when muddy boots and rainy weather mean there is more cleaning to do.

Outside of work I have keen interest in cooking and walking, which helps me to relax after tiring days at work.

I really enjoy my job; it gives me a great deal of satisfaction, as I can see the progress I have made from start to finish. Some of the offices are especially dirty and I am kept busy throughout the day.

As part of my role with GRAHAM Construction I have received Health and Safety training; this has proven to be of great use in this industry. 

Prior to starting work at St Joseph’s College, I thought that my anxiety and nerves would be a challenge for me, as I was going to be working on a construction site, predominantly with men.

However, once I started the job I soon realised everyone was so friendly and approachable. I am really enjoying my time here, as the people I work with on a day to day basis are what allow me to enjoy my job to a large extent.

DGTAP provided a lot of support in helping me to find my current job with GRAHAM Construction. They helped me to improve my CV, and through doing so helped to boost my self-confidence. They also provided support throughout the application process and recommended jobs which best suited my skills and interests as I have many years of experience in the cleaning sector.

DGTAP even contacted me after gaining employment to ensure that I had settled into my new job and I was enjoying working there. This continued interest in how I was getting on has also helped to improve my self-confidence further, as I knew if I had any problems I could contact DGTAP again to receive further support.  Even after finding employment DGTAP didn’t forget about me!

For this reason I would rate the DGTAP service ten out of ten. I would highly recommend the service to anyone who is seeking employment or wants to improve their job skills.