Repay Right - Have Your Say


Young Scot has teamed up with the Carnegie UK Trust (link to and is looking to work with a group of 12 young people from across Scotland, aged 16-24, between August and December to look at how young people think about and use credit*. How do you deal with savings and debt? This could be anything from a store card, credit card and overdrafts to loans and phone contracts. Is this something you would talk about with family and friends?

Grab the opportunity to help shape policy, services and decision making across Scotland, creatively challenging people’s attitudes and develop and test out new ideas, while allowing you to develop innovative and essential skills.

*If you buy goods or services on credit, it means that someone like a bank or other lender has given you the money to pay for something that you need to pay back at a later date.


The chance to challenge yourself to be innovative and creative, making your CV stand out from the crowd through:

  • Developing your skills - listening, communicating, presenting, team work, designing, prototyping, digital and social media…
  • Increasing your confidence, be empowered and challenge the people at the top!
  • Meeting other people from across Scotland and work as a team
  • Oh and we’ll be covering all your travel, food & accommodation costs over the project!


Aged 16-24? Complete the application form below and email it to by Monday 21st August 2017.  

For more information, any questions please contact the Co-design Team at 0131 313 2488 or We can also provide the information in any other formats if required