Social Care SWAP (Sector Based Work Academy Programme)

Employability Fund Stage 4 - SWAP

CEIS D&G are running a Stage 4 Employability Fund SWAP in Social Care starting Tuesday 4th May, 2021


Sector Based Work Academy in Social Care. To provide learners with vocational training in the sector, based on the 5 Principles of Health and Social Care in Scotland. Consisting of 8 modules: Communication, including effective workplace communication, recognising and overcoming barriers to communication, confidentiality, data protection, body language and responding to feedback; Safeguarding, including legislation, types and effects of abuse, disclosure, responding to evidence and professional conduct; Equality and Inclusion, including importance of diversity, equality and inclusion, effects of discrimination, legislation, challenging discrimination and celebrating diversity; Health and Safety, including legislation, duty of care, procedures, risk management, key principles of moving and handling, infection control and introduction to first aid; Developing Positive Relationships, including respect and courtesy, building trust, respecting boundaries, resolving conflict, ethics and working with other professionals; Professional Practice, including legislation, duty of care, impact of poor practice, importance of professional conduct and accountability; Providing Responsive Care, including initial assessment, consulting service users and other professionals, meeting personal care needs, responding to changes, supporting dignity and independence, ensuring well-being, ensuring environment meets needs; and Professional Development and Reflective Practice including the value of reflective practice, models and theories, practical methods, creating professional development plan and relating practice to professional standards.

METHOD OF DELIVERY: The course lasts 5 weeks.  In the first 4 weeks the modules will be tutor led and delivered online over 3 days per week with morning and afternoon sessions lasting around 2-3 hours dependent on module. There will be an expectation of “off-line” work on “off” days of another 10 hrs per week.  In the 5th week there will be a “virtual work experience” element with a session with an employer who will discuss a “day in the life” of a social care sector worker and allow for questions from the group.  There will also be interviews with employers which, while not necessarily for guaranteed jobs, will give participants real understanding of the interview process and feedback from a real employer.  There will also be time set aside in the final week for tidying up any employability aspects such as CV, application process etc.  This will be flexible based on each individual participant needs.

Participants must be eligible for Employability Fund and can contact Marion McFadzean at

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Marion McFadzean

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This event has already taken place:
4 May 2021 to 4 June 2021