What a Journey! Angus's Story.

What a Journey! 

Stair Park Community Garden Centre referred Angus to the Employability and Skills Service in March 2018. They thought that he could benefit from gaining our Workplace Skills Award, an accredited qualification to demonstrate his transferrable employability skills to employers.

Angus had been volunteering in a Community Garden Centre since he left school in 2015. As an adult with autism, he was very shy and severely affected by low confidence levels, but the staff at the garden centre saw potential and supported Angus to gain Level 1 “Grow and Learn Roots” Certificate from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society in September 2016.

As well as autism Angus also struggles with dyslexia and his biggest challenge was writing skills. Despite this, he impressed our service with his positive attitude to learn and in May 2018 he started the Level Bronze Workplace Skills Award. Although it was hard at the beginning, this improved Angus’s communication skills immensely. 

With the support of his Employability & Skills Employment Support Worker, Angus has gone from strength to strength. He has achieved many Workplace Skills Award milestones while volunteering at the Community Garden Centre, which has given him the chance to put his workplace skills into practice. Angus’s personal achievements have skyrocketed within the last year and include:

  • Becoming a Third Sector Young Board Member of the Year
  • Starting peer mentoring for S3/S4 transition 
  • Completing Level 2 Certificate from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
  • Attained the Grow and Learn Level 2 ‘Nurture’ Award
  • Becoming a  Trustee for the Community Garden Centre
  • Receiving a Certificate of Merit for his significant contribution to horticulture
  • Volunteering at Logan Botanic Gardens

Angus managed to secure a full-time position working at the Community Garden Centre where he was able to put the skills that he had learned through the Employability and Skills Service into practise. 

Angus’s mother commented that “With the help, support, mentoring, encouragements from all at the garden centre including skills from The Employability and Skills team and the R.C.H.S at Calley, Angus has graduated from being a school leaver coming for taster sessions, to a Volunteer, then to a Trainee, also a Trustee and now a member of staff taking up the post of Assistant Gardener. What a journey!”

Most recently Angus has completed work on Workplace Skills Award, which offers academic and vocational qualification at SCQF Level 3. As a result of his hard work and dedication Angus’s employability and soft skills have increased significantly, as has his confidence. 

Angus hasn’t let the disruption of COVID-19 stop him. He has been staying proactive by working on his parent’s farm and expanding his skillset even further. Additionally, Angus continues to develop his skills and abilities through training and learning which will enhance his prospects going forward.