Support To Find New Employees

The Employer Engagement Partnership can work with you understand your business and provide a gateway into all of the services available to help you access recruitment support.

For recruitment funding, please click on the Funding/Incentives on the left of this page.

Recruitment of new staff

The Employer Engagement Partnership has a network of partners who can also support and source candidates from their individual services and client lists.


Work Experience

Work experience offers benefits both to the employer and to the young person or adult undertaking the experience placement. Some employers utilise work experience as a means to develop their existing staff and enhance coaching skills, and for some it is a way to give back to the local community.

Whatever the reasons, we offer different work experience options depending on your business requirements.

If your businesses would like to support the development of a school pupil, our Young Person's Guarantee partners would be able to assist in the contact and administration of this placement.

If you are looking to support an unemployed young person or adult, we will link with our employability partners to help find the right fit for your business.

Sector Specific Initiatives

Sector based work academies, bring together three elements designed to meet the needs of the business sector: Pre-employment Training, Work Experience Placements and a Guaranteed Job Interview.  Job Centre Plus colleagues can support your business through this entire process.